Parameter Data not showing in Placeholder inputs

Hi there!

Working on sending data around my pages and I can’t seem to get parameters to show up in placeholders.

As you can see in the URL, 2 parameters have been set.
(1) title = gdsggsdfgd
(2) participants = 4
These parameters are made on the Dashboard page during the workflow which navigates to this current page.

Now for the actual inputs themselves, for the first one, Audience Name, I’ve set the initial content to “Parent group’s Audience’s Title”. Audience is a data type, Title is a text field (not to be confused with ‘title’, the parameter. The parent group is ‘Type Content - Audience’ , and 'Data Source - “Get title from page URL” '.

The “number of participants” below it is a very similar case. I think I’ve got the placeholders right, but I’m not sure if i’m missing something. Here is what the parameter workflow looks like. It runs when an ‘edit audience’ button is clicked. That button exists in a repeating group showing a list of Audiences.

Any help on this is much appreciated! Thanks.

Also note, when Data Source - Get title from page URL is clicked, The ‘type’ is Audience, not text. I’ve tried to do it with text but it doesn’t work. I’m also a bit confused with this part too.

Thanks again!

Hey @andrewfayle

So - your content type is “Audience” however you are setting the value to a data type which is “text” i.e. when you use the “get data from URL” it is returning the text value “gdsgg…” when it is expecting an Audience thing. Try this when setting the value of your content:

Do a search for → type: Audience → constraints: “title” = get data from URL… → :first item


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Thanks @robhblake ! That makes a lot more sense, I’m going to have to experiement a bit more to get a more complete understanding of when/ when not to use things. Cheers!

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