Parent group thing not evaluating to correct data type

I’m trying to use a parent group’s thing (“wedding” in this case) as criteria for creating a new thing when a button is clicked, however it is not working properly. I have text that generates based on the parent group’s wedding, and it is populating properly, so i know the group is referencing the correct wedding. However, when I try to create a new thing with a data field of wedding that references the parent group’s wedding, it is not working and the field ends up blank in the database entry. When I hover over the field on the workflow page it just shows the button and doesn’t show “evaluates to a wedding” like I’d expect it to. Am I doing something wrong? Could this be a privacy settings issue?

Hi there, @adamdhartley… if a text element in the group is showing the correct information based on the parent group’s wedding, then it is unlikely that privacy rules are causing the issue. I have no idea why a button is showing when you hover over the expression, but have you checked the debugger to see if it can help you understand why the parent group’s wedding isn’t being populated when an entry is created?


Thanks for the input Mike. I ran it through the debugger step by step and came to realize it was an unrelated issue. The fact that the button was showing when hovering the expression had me convinced that was the issue.

Thanks again for the help!

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