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Parent group's collection image

Hello Everyone,
how can i change the picture on the parent group’s collection?
to have different image for different group
thank you guys for your help

It’s not clear exactly what you mean?..

But, if ‘Collection’ is a datatype in your app, and you have groups with Collection as a content type, than all you need to do is set the image datasource inside that group to be the Parent Group’s Collection’s Image.

if you mean something else then you’ll need to explain what you’re asking more clearly (maybe some screenshots of your database structure and what you’re trying to achieve).

Thank you for your reply, sorry i was not clear

here what im talking about, i want each icon to have different image as presentation

So you just need to set the image in the RG cell to display the current cell’s Thing’s image.

I don’t know how you’ve currently got things set up, but obviously that’s not what you’re doing at the moment.

Again, without much to go on or knowing what you’re currently doing it’s hard to give any specific help, but that’s what you need to do to get things working how (I assume) you want them to.

thank you for your help adamhholmes,
my friend just got the solution
thank you again for your time

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