Parental Element Issue

I’m trying to follow the tutorial video: “Displaying data in Repeating Group” however I don’t know why I cant find the Parental Element when I place a text box inside the Repeating Group.

Is there anything that I did wrong or I need to fix?

Isn’t the repeating group the parental element? That what the video showed in the tutorial

In a repeating group setting, the hierarchy is more like this:

Page > Repeating Group > Cell > Element

The parent of the element is the cell, the parent of the cell is the RG. So @hikaru is right, to reference the parent in your text element, you can just use “Current cell’s XYZ”

Now, if you place a group element inside the cell, then anything inside the group will then reference “parent group’s Thing’s XYZ”

Page > Repeating Group > Cell > Group > Text

Hope that makes sense!

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