Parse Image from email & set to private

Good day Bubblers.

I’m guessing this isn’t likely presently, but has anyone successfully implemented a means to parse an image file from an email (Postmark in this case) and set it to private against the user when ingested via the backend workflow?

Vanilla privacy settings will not work in this case, as you can still see image files on AWS or GCS if you know the URL, regardless of whether you functionally hide them from view within your app.

I’ve done this a bunch of times in different ways based on very different use cases.

You could make the urls private and then authenticate on back-end before saving in Bubble (I assume you mean S3 when you say AWS) or you could send the image encoded to Bubble or you can use a public url and once retrieved in bubble delete (or make private) the URL or you can send in a variety of other ways all dependent on use case, file format etc.

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