Parsing email data and uploading it to database, what am I doing wrong?

Hi there,

I have Sendgrid’s inbound parse sending info to an endpoint on my Bubble app’s backend workflow, which seems to work:

I’m then using Regex to extract some info from the email body to add to the database:

However, nothing is added to the database when I send test emails to the address. Is there any way to debug or test this and see where the issue is? This should trigger every time an email is received, no?

Issue is likely your Regex.

Ways to debug would be check the logs to see what values were passed to the field (likely will be empty so not helpful to understand how to fix, but helpful to understand the extraction is not correct)

To figure out what is wrong with extraction:

  1. Create test page
  2. Add the text from an example email
  3. Apply the extraction to that text
  4. Continue to tweak extraction until it works as required