Parsing Error Data api

Hello all! I have the data api call creating datas, with an sms content my user wrote. He added breakline in the sms (the description part below), so Bubble has returned an error when parsing the json :

{"club":"1622267306474x1716959500", "date": "2024-02-29T09:07:51.343Z", "sportif": "1709249552565x9121621800", "type": "SMS", "description": "Bonjour Catarina,
Offre Flash 48h : 100€ OFFERTS sur votre inscription !
En savoir +  : 
Bastien ", "campagne-sms": "1706785276115x637343121400", "sms-id": "f8bab8ycv5"}

The content is written in a multilne input. How can I pass breaking (the field is a text field) to bubble ?

Thank you !