Pass a floating group to another page

I need help or a plugin that will allow me to Pass a floating group and its data from one page to another page. I’m not sure if this is possible yet in bubble, BUT any devs willing to take on the challenge? This would be big time for bubble progression.

Please reach out.

What do you mean by ‘pass a floating group to another page’?

Can’t you just use a RE?

yes it can be a RG or a FRG. But I was thinking a floating group because a floating group has the ability to be visible on page to the “application”, but it can be invisible to the end user viewing the page. So I want to be able to load a large amount of data into a floating group on page 1, and then with out having to (Re-Retrieve) that large amount of data on page 2. display that FPG or RG. Basically socket in a FPG/RG into another page (by showing and hiding the group, with out a new data load each time).