Pass data from Activecampaign subscriber to Bubble

What would be the best way to pass data like email, phone, first and last name from a new Activecampaign subscriber to Bubble?

Would I use webhooks in Zapier or something else???

I don’t think zapier does a direct integration but webhooks may be possible.

I also found this:

Which may do the trick. @mike_verbruggen posted about it at some point and may have more info.

I don’t think anything is instant though unless you use an API. For me this would be important because AC tags might indicate someone’s membership level. This would need to be updated instantly after membership changes, to avoid the wrong email going out.

Has anyone managed to make an API connection between the two?

You can do this with Zapier if you use a webhook. But Integromat has a native Bubble integration.

If somebody is interested, I can make a little video about how to achieve this with Integromat.



Hi Mike

I would be super interested in a video like the one you referenced, as I am looking into bubble/activecampaign at the moment.

Curious as to whether you made the video?

Many thanks in advance!

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