Pass data to another page

is there any way to pass data to another page other than the url? for example, in react we have a global variable that we can access from anywhere, on the bubble is there a way to do something similar? I want to pass data to another page other than the url

This feature is not native to bubble at this time. There are plugins that allow you to store persistent data in the browser.

You can also use JS with the toolbox plugin and implement localStorage() or sessionStorage() to achieve the same result.

Depending on your use case. Another work-around is to use Url Modifier + Parameters plugin. You can send the data to other pages using parameters and then delete those params from the address bar on page load. The user won’t see them and they aren’t saved in the history. This only works because bubble loads URL params into memory before the first workflow runs and modifying the URL doesn’t change that. You can then access them on the subsequent page using get data from url The obvious issue here is refreshing means loosing those params, but it is an interesting option.


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