Pass results of one API call into another API call and display results in repeating group

I’m trying to load a list of iFrames in HTML elements inside of a repeating group. The iFrames are ads within my FB ads account.

Each separate iFrame needs to be the result of identical calls with [id] as the parameter.

The flow of the calls goes like this (screenshots below)

API Call: AdIdNumber → API Call: Ad Preview

API Call AdIDNumber:

This produces a list of ad ids:


What I’m looking to do is to pass each of these id’s into the following API call with the [id] parameter (the return is a url of an iframe):

I currently have a repeating group calling the Ad Preview API, setting the [id] parameter to be the results of the AdIDNumber API:

However, when I load the live page in debug mode, I get an error message from the API - and it looks like it is passing all the values of the AdIDNumber call at once, instead of cycling through them one at a time:

I feel like I am close, because if I set the parameter to the FIRST item of the return of the call to the AdIdNumber, it renders one iframe just fine (just not all the iframes of all the id items):

(a single successfully rendered iframe):

I feel like I should be calling and endpoint, or calling my own apps endpoint in a post call, but I can’t seem to get that to work. All help is greatly appreciated.