Passing Data to CSV upload & 1T CSV Upload

Hi All,
I have been struggling to figure out how to process this and perhaps someone can give me direction. Skip to “Problem” to see the issue.

I have 3 pages:

  1. “Step 1” - create company
    Actions - Create Company Thing, redirect to step 2 with results from create company.
  2. “Step 2” - upload employee
  3. “Step 3” - review employee list

I have 2 Things:

  1. Company
    Fields - Name
    - Owner. → the user who is going to upload employees
    - employees → type Employee
  2. Employee
    • Name
    • Owner
    • Company → type Company

On step 1, I take the data from the form and create a new Company
On step 2, I want to upload employees using ‘1T CSV Uploader’ and make sure each new employee entry has the owner and company data
On step 3, I want to return all the created data from step 1 and step2 on the page.

I can’t figure out how to make sure the newly created company is inserted into each employee as I am uploading them. ‘1T CSV Uploader’ has “Custom Header” that allows you to pass that kind of info but when I create a ‘Employee’ header with the value of Employee, I can’t bind the new Employee to the custom header in 1T.

Can someone give me insight on this?

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