Passing data to Reusable Component


First of all, I’d like to congratulate everyone on this forum. This is my very first post asking for help because all my previous questions were already answered in the forum :clap:t2:

I’m having a (probably very silly) issue with Reusable components:

Front-end set up: I have a repeating group with four items.
The repeating Group type of content is set to Guides and the data Source is doing a search for Guides marked as Popular.

Each Cell is set to Guide and Current Cell’s Guide

Each Cell contains a Reusable component “GuideBook” that is set to Parent Group’s Guide.

The Reusable component “GuideBook” (an image with some shadows on top to look like a book), is set to Type “Group”, Type of Content “Guide”

The image inside is set to Parent Group’s Guide’s Image

In the backend, Guide contains the files Name, Image, Price, etc.

I thought, this would make the Reusable component fetch the image from each Guide.

It currently works fine in general terms (it displays only two elements that I’ve added as test data, it displays title of Guide and price). The Repeating Group is working fine, however, the reusable component “GuideBook” isn’t displaying any image.

Is there a step to connect the Reusable component to the Repeating Group that I’m missing?

Thank you very much for any advice you can give.

Does the parent group of the RE have its DataSource defined correctly (you haven’t shown that in your screenshots, so it’s the only thing missing that may not be correct)…

Do you mean Group Cell?
It is set to Current Cell’s Guide

Yep, that’s what I meant…

In that case, there’s nothing I can see that you’re doing wrong…

I’d check in the debugger if I were to you to see if the RE has any data in it…

And obviously, check your database to see that there is actually data to display (i.e. the Guides in question have images)

If not, there could be some privacy rules applied preventing images from being shown, so check those…


Wow you nailed it with the privacy rules!

I had set the guide content to be private for users that have acquired the guide and forgot to set some data to be public!

Thank you Adam for the help :pray:t2: