Passing data with user limitation to next page

How can we pass data with user limitations to next page?

You can pass data to another page by using url parameters or url paths.

Can you clarify what user limitation mean in your context? Is it privacy rules or something?

its like when user sign up, I want to setup particular user choices of course among search and create own applications to apply. I am working on edtech so I want define user to this from the start of signup during this there are data needs to pass.

Assuming you have a list of courses that a user can select on sign up, you could reference to that selected course presumably with states. You would then redirect the user to a different page along with the selected course in a URL parameter / path segment

On page load of the page you redirected your user, you would reference to the URL parameter / path segment and add it as a constraint when you search for the available courses or applications.

Hope it helps

Do let me know if that fits your use case or not

Hi, I am assuming straight from the start user will signup in my web app jump into my different university and course data display and select one course that match his profile and make individual application for that course. During these flows I want to know user setup how to do start from scratch.