Passing information from one cell within a repeating group to another

I am trying to pass a database query result from one cell in a repeating group to the next, in order to create a cohort table.

I want to build a horizontal repeating group showing Active users and their registration date

Just for illustration here’s an image of what I have in mind:

Is there a way that I can, for each week, simply calculate the actives once and then reuse that list of players in the other cells of the column?

Or do I have to make a new query for each cell?

Also, if I have to go with option 2, will that make the page heavy and slow?

Hi @fab118
How is your Db structured? Does it contain a field that identifies which cohort your users are in? If not that would be one of the simplest solution that way you can have an innate way to display them.

Another question I have is how are you displaying the Total actives column? Bubble can become really simple or really complex depending upon how the DB is structured