Passing information from reg form to profile form

I have watched just about every YouTube video about registration forms and also Bubble’s own tutorials, but have yet to find a conclusive answer. I have designed a reg form that captures first, last, email, and password. Once a user hits submit, I push them to their Profile form, where I would like to have first, last and email pre-filled.

Can someone tell me how to accomplish this? It should be simple right? :thinking:

Bunch of ways to accomplish this.

  1. Just use ‘current user’s firstName’ etc

  2. Make the profile page type ‘user’, and on your reg form when you navigate to a page you’ll be sending ‘current user’.

  3. You can use url parameters or paths to grab information

  4. If it’s a single page app, refer to step 1 or 2.

Thanks so much for all the tips. I finally got it to work using your suggestion:


  1. Sign the user up
  2. Log the user in
  3. Go to settings page


  1. Set master group to “User”
  2. Current User’s first name
  3. Current User’s last name
  4. Current User’s email

When Button - Settings Save is clicked…

  1. Make changes to User…
  2. address = Input Profile Address’s value

Hope that helps others. Thanks again. :blush: