Passing list of images from repeating group to a pop up

Does anyone know if it is possible to pass data (in list form) from a specific cell in a repeating group to a pop up? If so, what are the general steps needed to do this? I have been trying to pass a list of images to a pop up for a week now and can’t seem to get it to work. Not sure if I am doing something wrong of it the capability just doesn’t exist.


Definitely doable.
I’m assuming there is some button or link in the cell to push that displays the pop up?

If so inside that button’s workflow you just need to reference the current cells values that you want and assign them to other temporary variables that the pop up can access. I would setup some temporary fields in a database to do it or you could assign the values directly to the pop up fields. Then your pop up can reference the values in the cell where it was generated from.

Thanks @john3 that’s really helpful! Ya there is a button in the cell that gets clicked to display the pop up. I think attempted something similar before by trying to “copy a list of things” and couldn’t get it to work.

For creating the temporary variable - where does that work flow take place, when the button is clicked (in my case the button called “expand”)? And then how would I reference the current cells values (an image list in my case) and assign them to the temporary variable? I tried to “create a new thing” and “copy a list of things” but I think I’m missing something - screenshots below.

Hey JP, :slight_smile: You can use the workflow action ‘Element Actions --> Display Data’ for this.

Here is a forum example with workflows (there isn’t any test data in preview mode at the moment, but the workflows would be similar for your app):

In this example, there is a repeating group of Users on the page. Within each cell of that User Repeating Group is an image element, with the data source “Current cell’s User’s Profile Picture”. When that image itself is clicked, a Popup opens which displays that User’s Photography (list of images) within a repeating group (type: image). To display the most recently-clicked on User’s photography (list of images), you would set:

  • The popup’s type of content to User (the type of content of the popup matches the type of content of the page’s repeating group).

  • The repeating group within the popup’s content type is Image, and the data source is “Parent group User’s Photography”.

Then create a workflow when the User’s Profile Picture is clicked:

“When Image A is clicked”:
1st action: Element Actions --> Display Data --> “Element: Popup, Data: Current cell’s User”
2nd action: Element Actions --> Show Popup

This workflow action changes the Popup’s data source (which User’s Photography is being displayed), thus changing the list of images displayed in the popup.

And that should work! :slight_smile: If any of this was confusing at all, please feel free to share a link to your app and we can definitely assist with setting this up!


Hi @fayewatson thanks for the explanation! I got it to work! A couple of things I’m wondering for anyone else that might have this issue or for future trouble shooting. Does the order of the actions in the workflow matter? At some point I think I had it reversed:

1st action: Show Popup
2nd action: Display Data

Secondly, I was trying to pass the images to a slideshow in the popup and ended up with the below - wondering if the repeating group is still necessary in this case? It seems to work fine without it, just wondering if there are other drawbacks to not including the repeating group.

Either way I really appreciate the help, I’ve been trying to figure this one out for the past week!


Repeating Group within the popup:

Slideshow within the Repeating Group in the popup:

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Hey JP! No problem at all! :slight_smile: Glad you got it working!

Regarding the order - I don’t think there’s any noticeable difference if you were to show the popup and then display data (I just do it in that order out of habit!)

And that totally works as well to use a carousel element instead of a repeating group (your setup is 100% correct!). Later on, if you were to add other functionality, such as ‘favoriting’ a picture displayed in a popup, then you could use the image inside of a repeating group method, and place buttons inside the cell as well, which would achieve this. You can always easily adjust this later.

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Ok, got it. Thanks for the help!

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