Passing objects from javascript to API Connecter

I’m looking to use Square for payment processing in my app. Part of the processing requires me to create an object called a card nonce that was generated from a custom form that Square generates and pass this object to the Square transaction API call. Is there a way to pass an object created in a javascript call to an API that’s executed with the API Connector plugin?

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It seems like the javascript requirement for Square throws a bit of a wrench in using API connector. In this case, the payment form needs to call a client-side function (which handles the actual API call to Square).

To make this work, I’d imagine we’d at least need a plugin that can wrap a client-side javascript module and expose a function as a workflow action. Any chance something like that is in the works, @emmanuel? Would be pretty powerful in situations like this, and much easier than a full-blown integration.

That’s indeed in the works, but can’t tell when. The plugin system is our next big project.

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That’s good to know. Thanks for the quick response!

@emmanuel has there been any updates on this. I am looking to do something very similar and pull in data on appointments to be displayed in my Bubble app. Thanks!

Client side actions have been implemented, server side actions are on our list.

Thanks for the speedy reply! Do you have any documentation, etc you can send over with best practices to setting up my square appointments account to be displayed within the app?