Passing RG contact and "Profile" page current page contact to a reusable element popup

Someone please respond with anything helpful. I’ve even went as far to pay someone but that didn’t work out as planned.

I need to pass two sets of data (‘RG contact’ and ‘Current page contact’ which is on the ‘profile’ page) through a reusable element popup I created. I’ve manage to do this for the RG contact but I can’t figure it out for the current page contact.

Pay the wrong person and it wouldn’t work out. When I first got started on Bubble I paid an ‘expert’ who tried to convince me to change my app idea because he wasn’t able to explain how to create a search constraint based on a list of things.

Why does the same approach not work? It should…the only difference is where the contact data comes from originally, the current page contact or RG contact…so long as the current page contact is set, it would work the same way.

Thanks for responding. I’m passing the RG contact through the reusable element and is able to access through the popup from a group I created on the popup. Below is a screenshot of my workflow on the reusable element and what I have on the popup group.

Just use a custom m state for the Current Page Contact

So I created a custom state on the reusable element but I’m not sure how to set it up through a workflow. Any advice?

Element actions > set state

this is what I have

Ok, great. what’s the issue?

how do I pass it through to the group for the current page contact?

It is still referring to the RG contact

This is what the work flow for the state looks like.

Set it’s datasource to the custom state’s value.

Sorry, I’m fairly new to bubble. What about the group current page contact datasource? I just set the display data to the state I created.

As I said, just set the datasource to the be custom state’s value (although looking at your screenshot, your custom state is a Yes/No - so I’m really not too sure what you’re trying to do here?)…

I thought that would be best. Should I change to a text?

I changed it to text but is still getting an error.

Maybe I’m completely misunderstanding what you’re trying to do… but surely you want the custom state to be of type ‘Contact’, no? Otherwise, I really have no idea what you’re trying to do here…

Maybe if you explain what you’re actually trying to do it would help.

I am looking to pass current page contact data from another page through the reusable popup. I created the state but wasn’t sure what to set it as. I set it as ‘contact’ once I read your response. However after setting it, it still isn’t appearing when I preview.

I already have RG contact data on the popup through a group I created.

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