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Passing the user name to site wide tracking code

I would like to install my ActiveCampaign tracking code on every page of my Bubble app. I think I do this by inserting the code into Settings > SEO / metatags > Script/meta in header.

However, I also want the tracking code to have the username, which in my case is the users email address.

Is there some variable I can specify in Javascript to capture the Bubble username?

Sadly I can’t post a sample of the Javascript tracking code below, as when I do it doesn’t display.

============= New edit, 43 minutes later =============
Never mind. This, unknown to me earlier, is a non issue.

In case anyone falls into this same rabbit hole…

When you install the same ActiveCampaign tracking code on SiteA and SiteB, the same ActiveCampaign cookie is installed in the browser, and all URL page loads into the browser are tracked in the users ActiveCampaign record. The “user ID” such as it is, is in the cookie.

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