Passing URL parameters: displaying the right data at the right time

Hello, I am Daniel and I am building an AIRBNB clone, I am having trouble since I have created a group on the page but when l put the data source into the group the result doesn’t work.

I should get something like this pulling the room name and price:

But I am not getting the price and room name:

These are the images from the listings flow:


Some images in your post weren’t uploaded, could you please make them available?

Also, I would not to a search with a get param from url. Instead, I would add a state to your group, and would add a page loaded Workflow with a set states action to set the value of the state (Listing) of your group.

Then, I would set the data source of your group as the value of this state.

Thank you @Christophe_HK , I will try your suggestion and see if it works. I think images are avaible by the time of your second reply.