Passing URL Parameters - Updating Textbox

I’m passing a text parameter in a URL between pages to update a textbox on the receiving page. But the textbox value never get’s updated.

Before loading the page, I set the key/value of the parameter…

After I load the page I’m going to, I have a custom state set up to set the parameter text value into a textbox.

But the value in the textbox never gets updated.

The event to update the textbox is

The action to update the textbox is

What am I missing or doing wrong?

You are setting a state. Now if you want this state to be displayed as the value of the text box, you need to use initial value field. You don’t need to use state for that because you can call the Get data from URL directly in initial value.

True…My problem is more than that…

I have a repeater group. For each item displayed in the group I display:

  • an Item name value in a textbox
  • a Sub-Category value in a textbox
  • a Category value in a textbox.

The Item comes from a Data Type. The Data type includes two fields - the Item name and the Sub Category.

Using the Sub Category, I get a Category value from a Data view called Sub-Category. This Data Type has two fields - Sub-Category and Category. The Category get displayed in the Category textbox.

When a user clicks on the Item to view/update the Item’s detail, I stored the unique ID and the Sub-Category value in the URL path.

When the detail page is displayed, I populate the Item Name and Sub-Category into a textbox and a dropdown. Because I don’t have a value for the Category, I have to get the Category value from the Sub-Category Data Type based on the value of the Sub-Category dropdown.

I was hoping to do this using a dynamic data expression like “Dropdown value’s Category’s Category” which would pull in the Category for the Sub-Category from the Sub-Category Data Type. But because there isn’t a true “change” event happening on the Dropdown at Page Load, this expression doesn’t get triggered.

I also thought about using Get data from URL path and having the Category in the dynamic date expression (Get Category from URL path) but i would need the Category value in the URL path.

Either way, unless I can use a State in a workflow process or some other approach to make this work, I can’t set Initial Content to be either Dynamic Expression because it would only work for one or the other scenario.

So I’m stuck trying to figure out how to get something to load the Category value for the Sub-Category at both page load and when the Dropdown selection gets updated by the user.

Hope this explains things better.

Figured it out - Using Conditionals on the Textbox to check if the value of the Dropdown is empty or not. It will be considered empty until the Page Load is completed. It will be considered not empty when the User selects a Sub-Category in the Dropdown. I just set the appropriate dynamic data expression depending on the condition.

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