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[Passive Income Template] International On-demand Print Service


I just posted a new business ready, semi passive income template - That’s prepared for hosting a fully automated international on-demand print service.

Template page: International Print Service Template | Bubble

Demo link:


The template is provided “as is” but are fully functional once your Stripe and print service provider account is set up. You can find the print provider’s name in plug-in list in the editor after purchasing the template.

If you buy the developer licence, we will walk you through the template features and how to set it up.


  • Option to choose colour or black / white print
  • Total price calculated based on page count
  • PDF viewer of the uploaded file with a custom added page count feature
  • Terms and Privacy pages
  • API connection via plug-In to a low cost international print service provider
  • Payment with Stripe
  • Only free plugins used - Only costs to you are Bubble hosting, domain and a base fee for each printed page.

The template can also be a building block for an internal company service - Eg. for sending invoices to customers without printing yourself or sending low cost mass marketing letters.

How to get going:

  1. Add your domain and adjust prices in the editor
  2. Create an account with the print provider and add your API key in the installed plug-in
  3. Add your Stipe account details to the Stripe plug-In
  4. Market the APP with Google Ads and Facebook Ads or post it in Facebook groups for eg. students

Suggestion: Add Google Analytics plug-in and adjust you print prices and ad spend to improve your profit margin.

Is there a link to the free option? What print services does it connect to?


Thanks for writing. The free option is not available anymore - The forum does not allow changes to the post titles after a given period of time.

The print provider name and the API setup can be found in the workflows once owned.

Find print API prices (as of today) below for B&W:

And color print:

*The print provider uses letter pricing, this is not added to the template’s pricing to keep things simple.


Took care of that for ya. :slight_smile:

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Thanks @mikeloc appreciated

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