Password protected page?

Is there a way to make a password protected page

You get a popup
Enter password
If password correct go to page (Page name)
if password wrong (dont do anything)

Can someone help me?

Yes, you could put a group that overlays the entire page. And then set a condition when button is pressed and input value is ••••••• to hide the group.

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anyone looking at the source will see the pw if privacy is set for general visitor.

One of my sites I create a temporary thing on page load and then when the password is entered i run a scheduled work flow which checks the password and then update the temporary thing… I send that things ID with the scheduled workflow. Then simply as a condition to hide/show that way the password is not visible in the source


If you select the input value as Password it should not reveal anything. You might want to contact Bubble on this.

Unless I’m experiencing a bug I don’t believe choosing password as an input type obscures the password from the page source in bubble.

Here is my rationale:

Lets suppose you want to pw protect a page and only expose that page (things) content on the correct password submission from an input to an anonymous user. An anonymous user being a non logged in user but for example someone you’ve provided the pw to.

When you setup your database privacy you’ll need to make the password field accessible to a non logged in visitor otherwise the condition to accept the pw will not work.

The Password type for an input only is a sequence of characters that are hidden as the user types…thats all.

I’d be facinated to know if this is a bug. @nocodeventure if you want to spin up a test page or group on dummy app and ping over the link and i’ll see if the pw is visible.

Clarification question @Bubbleboy… …so the password field is protected by your privacy rules but the schedule workflow “ignores” the privacy rule so it can see the password (but this schedule workflow is done on the server side) and then compares the password with what the user entered, then it returns a simple yes/ no if the password matched or not. And finally the password is never is exposed in the client side.

Is this what you did?

Thanks in advance,

@mente12 yes thats what i did exactly. To add to that also…in my case much of the content of the page i also needed to be obscured from anyone looking at the page source before the password is entered… So if the password is correct on submission via the scheduled workflow the temp thing that i use in this case is also populated with various content. Hopefully that will make sense.

I’m not saying this is the best way or the only way… It’s just only approach i found that would logically work.

If you have a different approach for a better solution or if you think this is wrong
and unnecessary complexity please let me know… I would welcome any input from anyone

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