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Password Protection

Ok, so I have my app pw protected via the settings tab. I do not want it to be password protected for certain ppl so like whitelisted members do not have to fill out the username and password each time. is there anything i can add in the url that auto fills the username and password input?

Hi @ryaavr25 !

Don’t advise you to do it, but…

In your user database, create a new field called “Administrator” (YES/NO type). Mark YES for the users you want to access without password.

During the login process, do a search usig the provided e-mail to check if the user is an administrator. If YES, you can use the action to “Assign a temp password to a user” and, in the next step, use the provided password to log the user in using the provided email and the password generated in the last step.

Hope it help.

what i meant was for the setting that on page load, to access the site, you have to enter a username and password

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