Password reset email customization

Hey team!

Is there a way to change the ‘password reset’ link automatically sent by bubble on the password reset email so it is not placed on the bottom of the email body? I would like to place it before the signature . Can this be done?


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Yes, I’d just use the @copilot Sendgrid plugin then do it from there. You’d just need to have a send password reset email workflow without sending the email but just taking the token, then substituting the value for the link into the custom sendgrid email

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Thanks! I will consider this, I would need a Sendgrid account for this correct?

Is there any way however to only change the place (line in email body) of the default bubble link?

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Yes, you’d need a Sendgrid account. I don’t believe so, I suppose you can do the exact same thing I stated in regards to the Sendgrid plugin with the default “Send Email” function.

Where do we add the token to?

Adding it to your substituion tag.

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thanks Johnny