Password Reset Help

I’m looking for help with the [Create a temporary password]
I have created a temporary password for a user.
The temporary password is being sent through the email system correctly as seen in the URL

When I pull “2” from the URL it returns only partially. It stops at the “#”

Is there any way to exclude using special characters in the Temporary password thing?
Does anyone know a way to bypass this?

For password resets - even temporary values, I would really recommend not passing password values in the URL. Instead, I recommend using Bubble’s built-in password reset system and directing users to the password reset page. Then have a page redirect as needed.

Typically, the # symbol is a no-go character in a URL. It is commonly used as what is called an anchor tag. (Ie. a reference to a specific point on the page). You cannot change the structure of Bubble’s randomly generated passwords.

Regardless, if you do create random strings that will be used in a URL, avoid using special characters and stick to alphanumeric.