Password reset link is plain text

The password reset emails I’m getting have a plain text link instead of something users can click. Since the link in the email is autogenerated by Bubble, I can’t see any code to edit to fix it so it’s a real hyperlink.

The signup email has a real link inside it, so that makes the reset email look like a bug.

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We’ll fix that. In general, if you want us to look at something that is a bug, a bug report is better, as we can’t read every thread.


Okay, will do. I thought I saw something which said to post in the “question” category if you weren’t sure it was really a bug.

No that was post something in the Bug Category if you weren’t sure if it was a bug, then if confirmed by someone else, then you should follow up with a bug report to be on the safe side…

If you create a new thread and select the bug category, you get the following;


Sorry you’re experiencing an unexpected behavior. The general rule with the Bug category is as follow:

  1. If you’re not sure it’s a bug, and want confirmation from the community, please go ahead and post here
  2. If you’re 100% sure this is a bug, because you see a message ‘We’ve hit a temporary bug’ or if an action never ends, go straight to our Bug Report Form, it’s a better way to tell us about the issue so that w can fix it.

Sorry about the bug!"

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Reviving the thread - any way to customize the “Reset here” hyperlink?

Looks like bubble is generating the unique ID internally for each and every reset link to work, so I did not find a way to replicate it (sending user unique ID does not work - the unique id in the link is something different).

Which means that Bubble is creating that internally and sending it over as a footer to the customisable Reset password email.

however if the application is in a different language, Reset Here in English may be looking weird.
Any way we can add a text field to define the Hyperlink text manually (leaving the link generation as is)?

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I hope to see a feature to edit the language for the reset link too!