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Password reset page functionality

@Bubble Please add the ability to change the reset_pw page’s name and also to find the unique id’s generated for the password reset page inside the database, this will allow us to display more personal information on the password reset page, like the persons first and last name.

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That’s true, but you can generate the token only calling the reset pwd action. Then if you capture the user’s email address, you can do a search in your db to retrieve the info you need, than build your own reset_pwd scenario / UI (if I’m correct)

Haven’t tried this route yet, where can I find the token? Checking the documentation doesn’t say where this token can be viewed. Sounds like a fun method to explore if anyone can point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

@Christophe_HK well pointed out!

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The action to look at is “Sent password reset email”, you’ll notice the “just make token, don’t send email” checkbox. Check it! Then you can use the token to send an email including "? reset= " (token) + as many param as you want to the reset_pwd page.

You can’t change the reset_pwd page name , but you can make use of the get param for url action and you’ll be able to provide a personalized experience to your users missing their passwords :blush:

Maybe I’m missing something, where can I exactly find the token? Is it the one referenced below?

Yes, it’s this one, resulting from the forst step action. But for the reset to work , you need to send this token to the reset_pwd page. But using the method I told you, generating the token and using the second “send mail” action allows you to pass other parameters to the reset-pwd page.

So, in the second email, you have to send the following URL:

[Website home URL]reset_pw?reset=[Result of Step 1 (Send password res...)]&otherparam=hello

Do you see what I mean ? The reset password must remain a click in an email the user will receive in his inbox and will have to follow the reset his password. But to counter unpersonal “reset_pw” Bubble’s page, you can get the token, rebuild a richer email containing the reset URL + other param in the URL. Then in the reset_pw page, you can retrieve these other param from the URL and add personalization to the page.

Example : when you ask for a pwd reset, you have to provide an email address, your email address, associated to the user account you want to reset the password. This email address is part of the information provided by the user who want to reset the password. So get this email and pass it to the reset_pw URL. That way, you’ll add processing in the reset_pw page (a workflow) where you’ll get the email address using the “get param from URL” action, and then using a Search for Users (where email = the param retrieved from the URL), you’ll be able to display in the page the firstname and/or lastname of the user, his profile picture, his favorite color and I don’t what.

Thanks for these info!

Quick recap of what you need to do (wish it had been presented this way, this will save time to future users I hope!)

Step 1:

Step 2 (specify the reset page in your URL):