Passwords are corrupted?

On both the test and live versions of my site, passwords that I know are good are being rejected.

I just use “password” for all of my test accounts, so I know it’s always the right password.
It’s being rejected as the wrong password. When I reset the password on the account (to “password” again) I’m logged in. If I log out and log back in then “password” works. But if I wait a day and try to log in again, then the password is rejected and I have to reset it again.

K, so I made an account at (the live side)
password: password

This is my workflow on the reset password page

This is the workflow in the signup/login popup

I know this may sound silly, but…

what happens when you, after the password is rejected, you put the cursor right at the end of the entered password, hit the ‘delete’ button once and hit enter again?

I don’t see a difference. I’ve tried several variations on that trying to ensure there aren’t any excess characters, such as selecting the entire input and deleting its contents.

Ok, sorry to hear. I have something strange going on that with some passwords it seems there is an extra character when I manually enter the password instead of c/p the plain text.

The password (password) for already doesn’t work. It’s only been a few hours. @emmanuel

Hope the word ‘password’ isn’t an exception word. Do the same with any password?

I dunno, it seems to be working now.

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