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Paste element in place

I haven’t been able to find this feature, but it would be a timesaver.

The ability to paste an element at the same coordinates as the element it is copied from (the term Paste in Place is used in Microsoft Office I believe).

It currently does this.

Or at least, I was copying a text element and a button and pasting it in other pages to standardize the appearance of each page in my demo app, and it was pasted to the same location as it came from.

Really? I’ve tested it in a few different ways now (in group, directly on page, etc), and it always puts it in the top corner of the active group.

Maybe it has to do with the coordinates (width/height) of the group, or its content.

Here, just recorded this copy and paste from one page to a new blank page.

As you can see, when I stop the recording and the animation loops back to the start, the copied and pasted elemens are in the same location.

Could I ask what you use to record? I’ll try a few more copy/pastes to see if we can circle in if there is a bug, or if I’m doing something.

I use LICEcap (v1.26)