Pasting a group to another page doesn't show content

Im trying to paste a group - with all its elements - to another page, but it shows the groups was copied, but you cant see the content and the formatting in the editor and the preview

I shared this as a bug with the Bubble team a few days ago. It’s known on their part.

Temporary fix is to refresh your editor. Then the content should display. If it doesn’t, let me know and you may be encountering something different.

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Or if you hide it with the small eye icon on the left menu and show it again. Quicker than refreshing the page :wink:

Wish that was the case. The issue is a platform-level bug involving the copy paste function that displays the content in a ghosted form (ie. it exists when selected, but has no readily visible properties aside from the shape outline when clicked). No relation to the visible on page load settings.

Here’s an example:

How the elements appears when correct:

How the elements appear when the same group is copy/pasted:

When the editor is refreshed, the content displays appropriately.

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Thanks for having reported that. It’s an annoying thing I figured would get fixed soon so hadn’t filed a bug report yet!

Just received an update from the Bubble team. They recently pushed a fix.

Refresh your editor and the issues should no longer happen. I can confirm it’s working correctly on my end.

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