Patreon like Membership for shorter time period

Hi guys,

I am looking to create a membership site like Patreon. I have the workflows built like Patreon right now the only difference is I want my creator to be able to create shorter memberships as opposed to 1 month.

For example, I would like my creators to list tiers such as access to a live page on Saturday from 3-4pm for $5, Sunday from 2-3pm for $10 for example.

Has anyone any tips on the best processes for going about this?

I have been using this as a reference so far:

Thanks in advance.


This involves date/time calculations.

When a tier for one hour is purchased you can calculate the current date plus one hour and when that time is reached log the user out.

This is a good starting resource to start reviewing what is possible with date calcs > Working with Dates in your App

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Cool way.

Thank you!!

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