Pay to enter live meeting

Hi, so I was wondering if this is possible.

Can you send an invite to join a live session, but it will got to a payment screen then through to the live video chat? Will I be able to link any plugins together to do that or is there a plugin that does it?

Many thanks

Yep! You can definitely do something like this. What are you using for your live video chat?

To do something like this, you would want to have the user pay first, and then you show them a link to the video session or just navigate them straight away to the video session.

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To tell the truth, I wanted to ask on here first before purchasing to know it’s possible. I am looking to use Agora and Braintree or stripe which ever had the functionality.

How would I do the connection? I would prefer once paid they are directed straight to the live video.

Thank you for your quick reply.

The payment platform doesn’t really matter. Any work, I was more-so asking which video conference platform you intended to use.

But yes, you can definitely do this!

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