Pay To Help Me Build A Section Of My App

Can someone give me a price please for the following.

I have 2 columns on my page.

The left hand column shows the data that is uploaded from the picture item.
As each picture is uploaded the user can add up to 4 tags.

What I want to happen is this.

When the user clicks a tag in the left hand column any picture with the same tag is shown in the right hand column.

So in this example attachment if the tag t1 is clicked then as both pictures have t1 they would show.

If the tag tag2 is clicked then only the second image would show.

You can see from the attachment that I can’t get this to work correctly.

The data is stored in 2 tables. The picture is stored in UserPix and the Tags are a list of tags in the UserPix table and stored in a UserTags table.

When the upload button is clicked the data is sent using Result of Step 1.

Obviously this may all be incorrect.

If you think you could make this work could you please contact me with a price.

PS: Just in case it matters I’m using the free Bubble platform to test my app.

Pm sent please check



I have shared you PM, Please check


Use a ‘selected_tag’ Custom State of type Tag on the page. When a tag is clicked from the RG on the left, set this value on the ‘selected_tag’ State on the page and let the 2nd RG’s data source be a list of all userPics that contain the tag stored in the state.

That should do it

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Hi, thanks for that. I’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. Having said that I’ve now managed to get it to show the correct tag as you can see from the attachment, but I’m still showing pictures that don’t contain the tag.

The fault probably lies somewhere in my workflow I’m guessing, but it sounds like you’ve described exactly what I’m trying to do.

Could you give me a price for you to go in and make it work?


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Thanks for all your help. I have managed to figure it out. I was putting the custom search into the UserPix table rather than the Tag Table.