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Paying a customer balance without having users?

Sup everyone, so i think ive figured out a few things, ive learned how to display data on my page thats from my database based off of a specific input thats submitted which i think is cool.

but im having some issues doing something that i would think is sorta simple.

im currently having a hard time trying to figure out how to charge a customer using stripe based off data thats stored in my database. if thats possible, if that makes any sense.

so heres an example of what i mean.
the person will go on my page, fill in the fields and click submit and will be shown a text that says “hi xxx your balance is xxx” and right below it their will be a “pay now button”
when the person clicks that button then they will input their cc info and just pay their balance.

basically like sorta paying your phone bill.

heres my current page, if you guys want. you can check it out and enter the fields to get an idea of what i mean as an example.

first name = kevin
last name = sheldon
dob = 01/01/1990

click submit and youll see the info associated with this name and a “pay now button” displayed.

ive connected stripe, but really have no clue where to start, all the info and tutorials ive found are just for users, which i dont have, im not going to be logging in and signing up users, im just trying to create a basic page, where someone just has to input thier name/last name/dob and they get a message with an option to pay that balance.

if someone can point me in the right direction, it would be awesome.

Anyone? i can use any bubblers help

The stripe documentation has reference to charging customers such as a checkout page.

It looks like you’re retrieving the customer’s balance by searching the system with their name and DOB. Once you find the user, you should return their balance and have them pay.

It would be a simple checkout charge. Please refer to Stripe.js documentation: Stripe.js - The most powerful payments plugin for Bubble. 💳

thx for the reply, will do that

checked out stripe.js and it seems like they are updating their plugin.

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