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Paying multiple users commission using Stripe

In my app I have two users 1. Driver .2 Helper, they provide moving services and I’m using Stripe…

Is it possible to pay both users their commision via Stripe?

You will be better off programming this via Stripe’s API. None of the built-in or plugin-based quick options allow this functionality right now. That said, the API connector plugin is mighty handy and should be the next area you investigate/learn more about. Ultimately this is possible with Stripe but will require custom programming to some degree.

Hey @spotyourlocal,

You could also use plugins like Stripe.js that hook into Stripe’s neat API features. :slight_smile:

Already hooked in Stripe. But still not seeing this avility under my scenario.

Here is the example:

Service cost $130

Worker one gets 60% commission
Worker two gets 20% commission

The company keeps 20%

Under that scenario “using Stripe” how can I accomplish this?

Good scenario, @spotyourlocal!

You’re welcome to build the system you’re going after using the API Connector and appropriate documentation. If we were using Stripe.js Plus to create a multi-commission payment setup, we could build a flow that involves customers, sellers and your own platform. The flow below use requests right from Stripe.js Plus.

Setup a customer account

  1. Create a customer (so we can store all their payment methods)
  2. Create a card (any credit card that Stripe supports)

Setup a seller account

  1. Create a seller (so we can store their information and bank accounts)
  2. Update all seller’s details (set of details required by regulating bodies)
  3. Set seller’s bank account (where transferred funds will be deposited)

Charge & transfer funds

  1. Charge payment to customer for transfer (requires a unique Transfer Group ID you must provide)
  2. Create a transfer (send to your seller’s account with the Transfer Group ID from the charge)

It’s totally do-able with Stripe, but you should get familiar with the Stripe architecture first. Go through their documentation and get an understanding of what exactly is going on with their different products. With the proper knowledge, you can create robust payment solutions tailored specifically to your platform. :wink:


It would be great to see a working demo of the Transfer Groups! I wasn’t aware we could already do this in Stripe.js+.

Thank you for chiming in :slight_smile:

Awesome! Will give this a shot

Good idea, @philip. Our Platform Payments course will be sure to go in-depth on all the ways you can maximize Stripe to fit your platform and business. We’ll make heavy-use of Stripe.js Plus to learn more about the Stripe API as a whole, so being able to create scalable marketplaces will be an important topic. :slightly_smiling_face:

Give it a go, @spotyourlocal. :+1:

Does anyone have a working example of this?

I went through the Platform Payments video and it doesn’t cover payments to multiple parties. Would love to see an example of the workflow for this.

Hi @cory,

The best way to send payments to multiple sellers is through Transfers. When creating a charge, make sure you set the Transfer Group to a unique identifier. At the point it makes sense to transfer funds, use the Create a transfer action which asks for the seller’s Account ID and Transfer Group. Per Stripe’s terms, you can transfer up to the total available balance in your platform account. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I’m following. Is there an example I can see?

Just a heads up I specifically asked about this before purchasing the Platform Payments training but this is not covered.


Can you clarify what exactly you’re finding unclear? Much of this is covered in Stripe’s documentation. :thinking:

hey @cory,
did you make any progress with this topic and have an example to show? I’m working on the same thing right now :blush:

Unfortunately not. I put it on the back burner for now but it’s something I’ll need to tackle.