Payment Gateway + Detect Request Data


I am trying to set up a payment gateway through Commbank/Simplify Commerce. I must use this payment gateway for this project.

I have set up a hosted payment HTML element that has a redirect url to a backend workflow inside Bubble. This is ideally so that the response can be used as “Request Data” to make changes to the app itself as the User has access to new content.

However, when I try to do a test to initialize the request data, I get this error

{"statusCode":405,"body":{"status":"ERROR","message":"Wrong method. Should be a POST. Method may change when attempting to use http. Please ensure URL starts with https:// instead."}}

I’m confused as to how I get around this. I’ve tried using the GET request, and it returns a “success” response with some URL parameters that I guess I can try to use.

Image 1 - API Workflow I’m trying to hit.

Image 2 - The HTML Element

This button opens the hosted payment popup and allows you to enter in card information etc. before redirecting to the URL specified.

Image 3 - Error Code from calling a POST Request, the initialize part was included in this request.

Image 4 - Error Code from calling a GET Request

Further Questions:

  1. The other option is a Javascript Callback in the documentation, but I see that it appears to need a module/package (SimplifyCommerce.hostedPayments for example) externally to be able to write the logic. Am I correct in viewing this as a limitation of Bubble and not an option?

  2. All good that I can get to a response page in JSON with the error code and URL parameters, but thinking about the user, I wouldn’t want them to be stuck there. How do you neatly get them back to the page of the hosted payments with the new information gathered?

Thanks heaps for reading :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey, I am trying to integrate with Simplify as well and am having problems. Did you solve the issue?