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Hi all…

I noticed both the paypal and stripe plugins do not accept adult merchant accounts…stripe payment cloud does but its america only, and I’m in Australia. The question I have is…

If I use an alternative payment gate such as my bank in Australia to process payments from the user, am I still able to connect it to my workflow as I have done with using Stripe in my dummy project?? meaning …will the rest of my workflows still work in order once the payment is processed.
At the moment once a payment is processed it sets of a live timer for that user + it puts them in the category paid for…there’s 3 different categories to be placed in. I’m ready to go online once I have secured the right payment gateway for my page. all functions and work flows are working perfectly.

Thank you to anyone who might know…

Hey @b.goldsworthy01

There is no reason why it wouldn’t work! The logic is that the payment provider returns a value to your app to confirm that payment is made (for example status=success)
Depending on that value, you can trigger workflows to set the live timer and put the payment in the category paid for.
What you need to do is find out what parameter (and which values) your payment gateway returns in case of successful, unsuccessful and pending payments

Hope that helps!


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you search “Payment organisations” in google find ipg Gateway

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