Payment option not working - why is it limited wen you wanna go for the mass

if go robust

@NigelG @emmanuel @josh i hae been struggling since te last month i changed my card … even before validating my card a card this error is coming up …???

What would be the solution i create a new app… with different email.

Your app is trying to do something that Stripe doesn’t allow.

Your options are:

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Please kindly review the message from stripe…

@mishav @emmanuel @neerja @dan1 @josh

My usercase

I had previous purchase a plan on monthly basis 16$ but the app couldn’t continue nor there is an option to regulate it…

well I want to make a different app live but the stripe is rejecting my card … update a new card (tried many card’s, even change my card from the bank, contacted stripe - image)

Can anyone help… i just want to close the bubble commitments

Is this referring to your purchase of a Bubble plan?

If yes, this whole topic should be with, rather than on a community forum.

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