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[Payments Question] Integrating GoCardless

Hi all,

I’m integrating payments onto my website, and I really like GoCardless. We need our UK users (we’re UK only) to setup Direct Debits, and I was wondering if there was a way to integrate GoCardless. There’s not a plugin but can we link their API?

Has anyone done this with GoCardless? If so, are you able to split payments, e.g.

Customer purchases product - 95% fee to seller, 5% fee to marketplace

I’m going to reach out to GoCardless too, but would be interested if anyone here had any experience with them + Bubble.


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Depending on how familiar you are with APIs in general and the API Connector on Bubble, there should be no problems.

Here’s the stuff you need to get started:

Keep in mind this:

Basically, unless you get your payments page approved by their bank, users will have to be taken off to a GoCL hosted page to do mandate/customer creation stuff. That may or may not work for your overall userflow.

But yeh, should be entirely possible. PM me if you want help with the specifics.

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Someone would be interested by co-sponsoring this API integration ? A client of mine may be interested as well

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I am interested in co-sponsoring this

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