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Paypal Onboard Sellers issue

I know that it’s not the best place to ask this… I should ask this on Paypal forum, but they have way to complicated forum to post there …

I want to onboard Sellers. I’ve generated SignUp link, but when I go to this link, it just directs me to and that’s all

I even tried to sign up here, no redirection here. I even tried to add “redirect_url” to SignUp generation request.

I am expecting this instead

I would pay 200$ to someone who would implement this feature for me.

will pay up to 500$

@vovahumnytskiy I think you have to be approved as a paypal partner first before you can do this outside of the sandbox?

Checkout Launching soon. Will be good for posting requests like this

I think it’s not the issue here.
My paypal acc is approved, I use sandbox implementation. My users may be not verified

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