Paypal REST API integration

I’m trying to set Paypal Express Checkouts on my website.
What I need to do is, once the payment is processed the user can access to previously locked parts of the site.
I’ve no idea how to do this. I’ve read about Webhooks, API Calls and whatnot and it’s giving me nightmares!
I tried following some guides here such as this one How to integrate Paypal with Bubble using Oauth2 or this one How to setup payments using PayPal but the first one is rather technical for those of us more on the design side of the spectrum and the second one requires yet another paid subscription.

I already use Stripe as a payment option, and the plugin is great and very simple to use, but my clients rely heavily on Paypal. I can’t use Braintree as their signup process is tedious and in my very particular situation I might not get approved.

So my question is: are there plans to make a Paypal REST plugin, such as the Stripe one? Or is there a nice, newbie-friendly explanation/example about all this?


I am also having the same problem and trying to setup paypal. It is very sad to see no one answered this post and it is top most problem to solve. anyone can answer this post since we have the same questions?

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I also have this question. I assumed the template I bought would have it but it did not. I hope someone answers

Have you tried out using pay pal check out buttons? I’ve integrated it on my site and it works great.
You can use PayPal buttons then your can add a custom field in the HTML code in which you’ll input the item’s unique ID. Then you can set up your webhook endpoint such that when a payment is received, make changes to a thing, in the ‘do search for section’ you could specify a field such the it searches and make changes to a thing with the exact unique ID. See the images attached below:

It is not a good idea to host Paypal buttons by yourself, as all of the information is not encrypted.