Payroll Tax Calculation Integration Needed


I have the need for US payroll calculations integration into my app. I’ve come across software that does calculates withholdings for all 50 states but I’m not sure if integration is possible with Bubble.

Please take a look here:

If integration is possible, I’d like to hire someone to implement into my app.

Also open to other possible integrations for payroll withholding calculations.


Looks like you’d need to install that and run it on your own server. I’d look at something that offers a public-facing API, such as, and use the API connector to connect to it. I’m sure there are others, it was the first result that popped up for me when I did a Google search for “payroll tax calculation API.”

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Anna J

Payroll Tax calculation is one of the most important aspect for every organization. There are many software solutions allow companies to integrate payroll withholding calculations are properly calculated and managed.