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PayU integration Redirect 302

Hi, I need helps.
I try to add payU payment to my website. When I create Order PayU return data with status 302. How to use Workflow endpoint use 302 redirect

Notice from PayU page:
The HTTP status code of the response is 302 and Location header is set to redirectUri , which - depending on the software used - may sometimes trigger an automatic redirect as well as receiving responses in HTML format.

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

You can create an endpoint in the backend and declare it as a redirectUri.


You can select endpoint Response type as Page redirect(302).
You can then provide Redirection on Success page or Redirection on error.

Hope that helps.

Amos Koech
Teknospur Inc.

I have a tutorial for this on my Razorpay plugin

Link not working?

Try again, should work now

Thanks, but I not see solution.

Use backend workflow, create new backend workflow, click on detect data, URL provided to detect data will be used as redirect url.

Hey @sebastian,

Did you find the solution for this?

No, Api connector not support this specific redirect what’s payu send.
Przelewy24 works perfect :slight_smile:

Interesting! How did you manage to generate hash sign for request?