PayU plugin integration

could you please explain this in detail??? As i am new to this platform.


I’ve followed the following steps:

  1. Created an HTML element and use the PayU form (as I was unable to do form post requests using the API connector):

  2. Used “Toolbox” plugin to update the form dynamically using javascript.

  3. Create backend workflow APIs for surl and furl and set them to redirect to your specific success and failure pages.

  4. Set the “Paramenter definition” to “detect request data” in the workflows and initialize the data detection.

  5. Go to PayU playground and include the url of the workflow API which has been initialised for data detection, under the “surl” or “furl” fields whichever is applicable and proceed with the PayU test payment. Select your desired usecase (success or failure) to trigger the respective URLs (surl or furl). PayU playground:

  6. If the initialised url in the bubble console is triggered, it will detect the request data and will show you the field types. With this, you’ve fixed the request data format that the workflow API will receive and can be used in the workflow actions.

  7. After detecting the data for both the success and failure workflow APIs, update the “surl” and “furl” values in the initially created PayU form. [Don’t forget to remove the “initialise” from the slug. Eg: https://******]

You can now directly test the entire cycle in your pages by modifying the PayU form values.

Credits: @rohit


Hi, thanks for this wonderful guide. Could you make your plugin public? I’d pay for it if it really works @namachaitanya

It would help so much if someone could make a video tutorial of how to integrate Payu Webcheckout, I think that you could open a Paypal link for donations. I would donate

Maybe one of you could
@rohit @namachaitanya

Hi, I’m interested in PayU plugin.

What solutions do you offer?