Pb with Convert to pdf Zeroqode plugin

I have copied one app (with version 1.25) but I have a different behaviour on the second app (with 1.28). I have the first page repeated several times and I am not able to generate the full document properly…HELP!!

@ZeroqodeSupport can help. Also, you can ask for help on their forum.

Hello @gotandesign

Sorry for the trouble.
We’ve received the inquiry over our forum, and we’ll provide the support accordingly one of the team members is looking into the issue.

Thanks @grace.hallak for pinging :pray:

Zeroqode Team.

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@ZeroqodeSupport may need to trouble shoot the issue I have faced, but I cannot share my app with them because I don’t have a professional plan. Would it be possible to find an alternative way to share it?

Yes copy paste the url of the editor and go to setting - general and change the type of access to everyone can edit.

thanks a lot!

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Hi Zeroqode Team!

I want to buy your plugin for converting page to pdf.
Tell me please, will the file be able to load dynamic data correctly? I need users to convert the results of their survey (one page; different data for each user) into pdf.
And also one more question: is it possible to send the generated file to the mail, as well as use links in the file (on the page)? In order for the user to be able to switch from pdf to the desired the bubble page in web app?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, @marova.alesya!
Thanks for your question and please accept our apologies for the late reply. :pray:

The Page to PDF plugin works perfectly with dynamic data, present on the page. It can convert everything to a hi-res PDF file. In case you tried to ask something else, please clarify your request (a particular use case example would be the best here).

Sure thing it is possible to send the converted file via email. For this please follow the instructions from this post (under the Summary section):

About using links in the PDF file - yup, it is possible as well. Here is an example of using a hyperlink in the generated PDF file (Zeroqode Forum):

Please let us know if you have more questions on the plugin. We will be glad to help. :hugs:

Zeroqode Support Team