PDF conjuer help

I am using PDF conjuer and orchestra

a basic example is that i have an image in each cell of a repeating group populated with a dynamic HTTPs sourced image . when i click a button, i want to iterate through the RG using orchestra and insert each image into a PDF model.

i am only getting errors. any help would be appreciated.

originally i was using the RG data extractor tool and was getting a slightly different error.

@vini_brito ping for you! :blush:

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Oh hi! Sure, if everything else with Orchestra is properly configured, then probably the issue is at the “Insert image” workflow action. Share it with us here.
Also, it seems that you’re passing a “yes” at the “Repeat element” option while in this case it’s not needed since you’re not using a “Repeating structure”.

I got it working with that input @vini_brito Thank you!!

now i am trying to email the PDF that is created. the PDF creates just fine, but i can’t seem to attach it to any emails. Is there a special way to do this?

currently i first conjure the pdf (which does download fine)

then i try to email the pdf but only get empty emials.

the URL does not show in the body of the email at all. i am able to get the URL to appear in a text element on the screen that i conjure this pdf though

I was able to fix the issue by saving the URL to the user and then calling it. this is not ideal though. for some reason, the email sender was not accessing the URL state output. sometimes using thsi method, the email didnt send whereas the second method works perfect

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