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PDF conjurer not handling HEIC photos

first of all thank you for this amazing forum I found the answer to countless questions that allowed me to build my bubble app to where it is now.

I recently started implementing the main feature of my application (namely creating PDFs out of user content) but have hit a problem that I cannot solve or find the solution to while using the PDF Conjurer plugin from vini_brito.
The pdf gets created when I insert any text, but for images, it only works with PNG, JPG or JPEG extensions. The PDF however does not get created whenever I insert a HEIC image. Because my web app would be used on mobile a lot, it is important that the users can upload these types of pictures from their phones.

Now to my question: is there something I am missing in this plugin that allows for inserting HEIC photos?
Otherwise, is there a free plugin that allows me to convert HEIC into JPEG?
And if both of these don’t work, can I download a Javascript framework to to this with custom code?

Thank you in a advance! I am still new to bubble so hopefully my question makes sense…

Thibault Knobloch