PDF conjurer not handling HEIC photos

first of all thank you for this amazing forum I found the answer to countless questions that allowed me to build my bubble app to where it is now.

I recently started implementing the main feature of my application (namely creating PDFs out of user content) but have hit a problem that I cannot solve or find the solution to while using the PDF Conjurer plugin from vini_brito.
The pdf gets created when I insert any text, but for images, it only works with PNG, JPG or JPEG extensions. The PDF however does not get created whenever I insert a HEIC image. Because my web app would be used on mobile a lot, it is important that the users can upload these types of pictures from their phones.

Now to my question: is there something I am missing in this plugin that allows for inserting HEIC photos?
Otherwise, is there a free plugin that allows me to convert HEIC into JPEG?
And if both of these don’t work, can I download a Javascript framework to to this with custom code?

Thank you in a advance! I am still new to bubble so hopefully my question makes sense…

Thibault Knobloch

Not really sure there is a plugin mate. Maybe you can ad some kind of finished script for converting.
If you need these files fast, I can only recommend that you manually convert it. Use heic to pdf converter for conversion of smaller and more simple files. Cheers!

thank you for the suggestion! This would not fully work for my application as the HEIC photos would be inputted by the user. So far I am just enforcing a JPG or JPEG or PNG format, but still looking for a more optimal solution.

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