PDF Conjurer (updated free plugin, now saving to database)

@hacker Well, the footer is limited in space by default, I don’t think there is an option to change that. However, this tool being how it is, I would not be surprised if someone found a workaround to it!

@Sarah_Esteve @pachocastillosr BBCode fix will take at least a few weeks to be out, and it will only be a partial fix then (no support for line breaks). I do plan on having it fully fixed some time from now so you can expect that later it will be fully usable :blush:

@nicholasrbarrow I really appreciate the helping hand! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: If still needed: I have something to tell you: it already outputs the base64 of the file, in the very same event that also generates the URL or prompts to be downloaded.

The change could be generating the base64 as it already does but not uploading to Bubble at the same time nor prompting the user to download it. If you have a coding hand, all that would be needed is a change in the “Conjure” action, creating a third condition, “if download and upload are false, only output the base64” and of course place the code to do that, the code will likely be the same as the other flows.

@stefan.123 Use the “Advanced table” to show images. For 2, use the Bubble operator New 'Format as text' expression on lists

@harshc252 The normal table isn’t enough? It seems so.

@lordcortes Make sure you debug all the workflow actions so you know what is going on :blush: